We repair all the models of LG-Nexus-Google Phones, Tablets, and Media players.

Please find your model in this page and even it was not in the list don’t hesitate to contact us. We solve your problems ASAP. 

We do high-tech services such as touch IC repairing, Backlight filter repair, etc.

Also, we give general services such as the following list:

  • Touch screen repair
  • LCD screen
  • Back cover repair
  • Mute button
  • Bluetooth repair
  • Proximity sensor repair
  • Camera repair
  • Back camera repair
  • Front camera repair
  • Audio jack repair
  • Volume button repair
  • GSM antenna repair
  • WiFi antenna repair
  • Repairing the charger connection
  • Speaker repair
  • Ear speaker repair
  • Power On/off button repair
  • Home button repair
  • SIM card reader repair
  • Microphone repair
  • Battery repair
  • Recover software
  • Water damage repair
  • Connector repair
  • Micro SD repair
  • Case repair
  • Button Board repair
  • camera cover repair
  • Slide module repair
  • Keypad repair
  • Camera Button repair
  • Navigation button / Track pad repair
  • Housing repair
  • Front cover repair

List of LG Google Nexus Phones, Tablets, and Media Players
Nexus One
 Nexus S
Galaxy Nexus
Nexus 4
Nexus 5
Nexus 6
Nexus 5X
Nexus 6P
Nexus 7(2012)
First generation
Nexus 7 (2013) Second generation
 Nexus 10
Nexus 9
Digital media players
Nexus Q
Nexus Player